Welcome to tVCA 2010 online exhibition

by tVCA

This year, heading up the Visual Culture Awards was a growing place for me personally. I enjoyed this process in all of it’s array: it’s wonders, frustrations, truths, thrills, education, hopes, encouragement, and everyone involved. Thank You; to all who participated, aided, all the sponsors (Nikon, Young Photographers United, FOTO8, and the Charleston Center for Photography) who were so generous this year, the jury (Jeremy Lock, Stacy Pearsall, Gary Geboy, Amelia Phillips Hale, Elyse Butler, and Matt Mallams), and in particular a great thank you to Stacy Pearsall, the director of the Charleston Center for Photography, who stepped out with me to present this exhibition again this year in all of it’s fullness, as well as Alice Keeney and Sally Hayes who aided in the administration, printing, and hanging of the exhibition. I am so happy with the exhibition online and with tVCA’s 2010 Visual Maker of the Year, Larry Louie’s live exhibition. I hope that this call for exhibition will continue to encourage and uphold visual makers, internationally. This year, participants came from Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Guatemala, Holland, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, Poland, and the USA. It was a joy to see the differentiating stories of, ‘Cultural Peace,’ presented. Following, you will find tVCA’s Visual Maker of the Year’s exhibition that will be opening at the Charleston Center for Photography at 6 p.m. on Friday, 05 March 2010, then the Silver and Bronze exhibitions, rounded out by the Singles Awards of Excellence. We hope they move you, inspire you, and that you stare-still, and grow further into these cultures. We hope you are smiling; Good day!

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Mikayla Mackaness . tVCA founder