Silver . Evi Lemberger . Germany

by tVCA

‘My name is Evi Lemberger and I come from a little village in the Bavarian Forest, which is South East Germany, next to the Czech Republic. Lately I was studying at London College of Communication, was Photojournalist in Moscow, did a project in Ukraine and started to write for the magazine in Germany. I love photography, cause it is for me the perfect and most effective communication tool.’


The fairy tale of the galoshes of fortune

‘The project “ein nichtort- or the fairy tale of the galoshes of fortune” is a documentary project about the region Transcarpathia. Transcarpathia is a border region in the west of Ukraine, which underwent a lot of nationality changes within the 20th century. The people of this area belonged within this time to six different countries such as Hungary, Czech Slovaia, Soviet Union, Hungary again and then Ukraine. Nowadays it has 90% unemployment, is highly multilingual, – national and – religious and in no sense connected to the Ukrainian government. I went there in order to explore the peoples’ identity within their loss of national and cultural identity. The project was commissioned by Norfolk Contemporary Art Society.’ -Evi Lemberger